A little bird told me...


It’s already difficult for rape victims to come forward. They’re often disbelieved or harassed. So those who later reveal that their accusation was false receive that same kind of anger and scorn, tenfold. Creating a safer space for people to retract their statements is nearly as important as creating safe space for actual rape victims. It’s incredibly wrong for people to give false rape accusations in the first place, but making it easier for people to retract false accusations can stop more damage from being done to all parties involved. 

Most importantly, moving past this allows more attention to be focused on the more pressing issue: fighting real sexual violence. Yes, a famous singer songwriter was falsely accused of sexual assault. But every two minutes, another person is sexually assaulted in America. Oberst’s forgiveness allows us to step back and see that that bigger issue is not the few who make false accusations of sexual assault, but the fast-growing numbers of those who have been raped and sexually assaulted here in the U.S.